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ralph-cli is an OpenSource tool (see its GitHub repo), meant as a command-line interface for Ralph. Its goal is to serve as a "Swiss Army knife" for all the Ralph's functionality that is reasonable enough for bringing it from web GUI to your terminal.

At this moment, you can use it for discovering components of your hardware (with scan command), but we are going to extend the functionality in the future (see Ideas for Future Development). It's worth mentioning that ralph-cli also has the ability to discover MAC addresses, which is essential if you want to deploy your hosts from Ralph (of course, you can enter all this data to Ralph manually, but ralph-cli greatly facilitates this process).

If you want to start using it, please refer to its documentation - especially to Quickstart section and maybe Key Concepts section as well, if you're interested.

In case you'd find any issues with ralph-cli (or if you'd have any suggestions/ideas), please create an issue here. If you want to contribute some code (in what we encourage you to do!), you may want to read Development section as well (BTW, ralph-cli is written in Go, but uses Python for scan scripts).