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Preboot configuration

Preboot configuration allows you define custom files being executed during Deployment. You can define several types of files which can be passed as kernel parameters during deployment (they will be served by Ralph via http protocol):

  • kickstart for RedHat style deployments
  • preseed for Debian style deployments
  • meta-data and user-data for Ubuntu casper deployments (starting from Ubuntu 20.04)
  • iPXE configuration for iPXE boot

To define such preboot configuration you need to: - visit Preboot configuration (/deployment/prebootconfiguration/) page - click "Add preboot configuration" - on new page there is a form with a few fields, like:

- Name (This is the name, by which you could reference this `preboot
  configuration` in future)
- Type (one of the file types listed above, for example 'kickstart` or `iPXE`)
- Configuration
- Description

Ad. Configuration field: This field allows you to write kickstart, preseed, meta-data, user-data, iPXE or some general script configuration. It's possible to include variables from Ralph. These are:

- configuration_class_name (eg. 'www')
- configuration_module (eg. 'ralph')
- configuration_path (eg. 'ralph/www')
- dc (eg. 'data-center1')
- deployment_id (eg. 'ea9ea3a0-1c4d-42b7-a19b-922000abe9f7')
- domain (eg. '')
- done_url (eg. '')
- hostname (eg. '')
- initrd (eg. '')
- kernel (eg. '')
- kickstart (eg. '')
- preseed (eg. '')
- script (eg. '')
- meta_data (eg. '')
- user_data (eg. '')
- deployment_base (eg. '')
- ralph_instance (eg. '')
- service_env (eg. 'Backup systems - prod')
- service_uid (eg. 'sc-123')

To use particular variable, wrap it in {{ }} braces, for example {{ domain }}.

All above links (like: starts with This is because default settings is


you should customise RALPH_INSTANCE variable to fit your set up.


This is example of kickstart file using one of above variables (hostname)

lang en_US
langsupport en_US
keyboard us

echo {{ hostname }}