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Preboot configuration

Preboot configuration allows you define custom files being executed during Deployment. Such as kickstart, iPXE or preseed.

To define such preboot configuration you need to: - visit Preboot configuration (/deployment/prebootconfiguration/) page - click "Add preboot configuration" - on new page there is a form with a few fields, like:

- Name (This is the name, by which you could reference this `preboot
  configuration` in future)
- Type (one of these options: 'kickstart`, `iPXE`)
- Configuration
- Description

Ad. Configuration field: This field allows you to write kickstart, preseed, iPXE or some general script configuration. It's possible to include variables from Ralph. These are:

- configuration_class_name (eg. 'www')
- configuration_module (eg. 'ralph')
- configuration_path (eg. 'ralph/www')
- dc (eg. 'data-center1')
- deployment_id (eg. 'ea9ea3a0-1c4d-42b7-a19b-922000abe9f7')
- domain (eg. '')
- done_url (eg. '')
- hostname (eg. '')
- initrd (eg. '')
- kernel (eg. '')
- kickstart (eg. '')
- preseed (eg. '')
- script (eg. '')
- ralph_instance (eg. '')
- service_env (eg. 'Backup systems - prod')
- service_uid (eg. 'sc-123')

To use particular variable, wrap it in {{ }} braces, for example {{ domain }}.

All above links (like: starts with This is because default settings is


you should customise RALPH_INSTANCE variable to fit your set up.


This is example of kickstart file using one of above variables (hostname)

lang en_US
langsupport en_US
keyboard us

echo {{ hostname }}